The Mango Tree

And I’m not referring to one growing in someone’s backyard.


I’m referring to the restaurant by that name.

The Mango Tree opened on Monday, and I had the pleasure and privilege of reviewing it today.

And Fahim even came with. Even better.

He’s threatened to write a review all of his own – and I hope he does – not about the food, but rather about the interactions between me and the wait staff and management.

I ask questions which they don’t understand. Or I ask questions, and I don’t understand their answer. Or vice versa.

Even though we’re all talking in English.

Fahim, on the other hand, understands all of us. And he watches us misunderstanding everything the other person says. And he does absolutely nothing about it.

The lazy git.

Anyway, I don’t have the time right now to finish telling you about the restaurant. I’ll add to this in a couple of days.

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