The Fisher King! Well, no, not really…

white throated kingfisher, white breasted kingfisher, It’s the kingfisher, as it’s known in Sri Lanka. More accurately, this bird is the Whte-Throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smymensis race fusca), also known as the Whte-Breasted Kingfisher or Smyrna Kingfisher. It also goes by Vichuli (Tamil) and Pilihuduwa (Sinhala).

I’ve spotted this kingfisher only a few times. It’s not as frequent a visitor as other birds have been. And yes, the aqua back, feathers and tails are really that bright – I did not mess with the colours to accentuate them or anything.

Today is Flying Friday. That means I showcase some kind of flying creature – birds, insects, bats… – that I’ve seen and hopefully photographed every Friday.

And because I like looking at other people’s pretty and/or interesting pictures, too, I’d love it if you joined me. Please leave a comment with the URL (permalink) to your blog post featuring a flying creature, hopefully with a photo.

C’mon, you want to join in. You know you do. 😀

white-throated kingfisher, Sri Lankawhite-throated kingfisher, Sri Lankawhite-throated kingfisher, Sri Lanka

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