Teeny Tiny Little Cute Froggy Napping In My Lime Tree

When I went downstairs to make lunch, and water the plants and such outside, I noticed a teeny tiny little froggy (about an inch and a half long) napping in my now-sparsely-vegetated lime tree. Probably got a fair bit of sun there, I’m thinking.

Well, going by the glare off his back, yeah, a fair bit of sun indeed. 🙂

So I head upstairs to grab my camera, hoping little froggy will still be there when I get back. He is! I shoot pictures, standing a foot away from him. His eyes are sorta open, so he might even have seen me, but he didn’t seem to care. Other than breathing, he didn’t move. At all. Not even when all the ants were walking under his chin.

Happy that I got the photos, I walk away, cook lunch, feed Fahim and I, get distracted by a bunch of other things, and when I go downstairs at 4:45pm, little froggy’s still there.

Must be a good spot for little froggy dreams. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

9 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Little Cute Froggy Napping In My Lime Tree

  1. dats a cute froggy………. 😛
    in Toronto u dun see froggys nappin on trees….. or maybe they do…i shud geh out n look 😀

  2. Hi Angela! Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

    I think it was nothing more than the sun – that particular spot gets steady sun for 8 or 10 hours.

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