Sri Lankan Aid

The Tsunami happened six days ago.

Today, the Sri Lankan version of singing for aid aired.

Major Sri Lankan singers are on stage. The song has been written, the parts are learned, the dancing is choreographed, the video made, and it airs on television.

Fahim, ever the cynic, but also a highly practical individual, scoffs and wonders where their priorities are.

He also scoffs at the candle light vigils. Well, I happen to agree with him. What’s the point behind a candle light vigil? Everyone here is already aware of the loss, the suffering. I doubt there’s even one person in the entire country who doesn’t know by now. So what point does a candle light vigil serve? It makes you, the participant, feel like you’re doing something even when you aren’t.

It would be better to spend that time helping others – cooking meals for aid workers. Distributing food or clothing to the needy. Cleaning up destroyed areas. Clearing out rubble. Preparing bodies for burial. Digging pits for burial. Comforting those who’ve lost someone.

But a candle light vigil? That strikes me as just for show.

Now the whole singing thing. Here’s a question – do the proceeds go towards the victims? How much? All? Some? A tiny fraction? None? If all the proceeds go towards the victims, then I’m fine with it. But again, if it’s all for show, why waste your time?

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