Sri Lanka: A New Beginning

Hosted by Sharmani Boyle.

Sharmani works for YA-TV, aka Young Asia Television. Fahim used to work there, and knows Sharmani very well. I’ve met her several times myself. She’s an unusually tall Sri Lankan, close to 6 feet high. She’s also looking tired. But given the amount of stress everyone’s under here, it’s not at all surprising.

She’s got some guests in a talk show type of format, but no guest audience.

Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, Sarvodya Hospital.

Hilmi Sulaiman, Centre for Coordination of Relief and

Dr Kumar Rupesinghe, Foundation for Co-Existence

Comments. It appears as though there is an unprecedented amount of people working together, an overwhelming response to help anyone in need. Waves of destruction brought waves of compassion.

They’re also talking about using this as an opportunity to plan for the future. Reconstruction has to happen anyway, so why not plan it better?

The president said that aid would flow equally to the north and east, which are the Tamil areas, Tamil controlled.

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