2 thoughts on “Spiders… Urgh!

  1. “Big Meaty”. Urgh. If you have to give it a name like that… *vomits*

    I commend your kid for not screaming at the creepy spider on his face. He’s got way more composure than me. I actually scream like a wee wee little girl.

  2. We usually get some pretty big ones in September, but I found one in our sink yesterday and we have a permanent resident in our shed which we’ve named “big meaty”. I hate them too, but I have to try and keep my freaking out to a bare minimum as I don’t want the kids to be as crazy as me. Didn’t work so well yesterday when I went to put dubs coat on him (11 months) and forgot to shake it out and one crawled on his face. He wasn’t fazed but I still feel creepy…

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