Sinhalese Lessons! Yay!!!!

Boo Hoo!

They didn’t happen. They were supposed to. But they didn’t.

A woman at church, Rosemary, teaches the missionaries Sinhalese twice a week, and has done for something like 16 years. She teaches them gospel oriented Sinhalese so that they’ll be able to teach the discussions in Sinhalese. This is not the type of Sinhalese that I want.

Well, I should start by mentioning that last week, one day that I met Michele at OSC, we started talking about Sinhalese and she told me that Rosemary would be giving her Sinhalese lessons, and I basically invited myself along. Michele didn’t mind. Then yesterday at church, I spoke to Rosemary, and she was totally open for it, too.

Anyway, I want Sinhalese that’s useful for going grocery shopping, talking to trishaw drivers, and watching Sinhalese programming. Not the same as religious oriented.

She also teaches English to people from the Sinhalese branch. She also works on the translation committee for translating the Book of Mormon into Sinhalese (click here to learn more – not about translating the Book of Mormon into Sinhalese, but about the Book of Mormon). At this point, selections have been translated, but they’re working on the whole thing.

Anyway. We, Michele and I, discussed with Rosemary having her teach both of us together. All were in agreement. We were supposed to start today.

There is a bus strike happening in the north east part of the country. It started last week.

I live in the south west portion of the country. In fact, I live pretty close to the coast in the south west portion of the country.

What does that bus strike have to do with anything when it’s so far away?

Well, today, bus drivers from the entire island went on strike in support of those bus drivers. Rosemary takes a bus to the church, which is where we were going to meet for our lessons. She can’t get there. It’s cancelled. I’m sad. 🙁 Michelle and I were both psyched for this. I wanted to start Sinhalese lessons.

Oh well.

If the buses are running by then, we’ll have a lesson on Friday. That’s when our next schedules lesson is.

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