Singapore or Thailand. Thailand or Singapore. Vote now!

Fahim and I have heard that Singapore has the cheapest electronics shopping in the region.

But then I had a conversation with my brother in law. My sister’s husband, to be exact. The one who’s been working in the Maldives for the last half year. He works with people from all over the place – some Maldivians, some Sri Lankans, some Indians & Phillipinos & Canadians & Americans & … Well, that’s all I remember.

And he told me that everyone he works with, when they’re in the neighborhood, and even if they’re in Singapore, they’ll fly to Thailand – Bangkok, more particularly – and do their electronics shopping there. So now it’s sounding as if possibly the shopping is cheaper in Thailand than Singapore. (But now the thought just crossed my mind – will I be more likely or less likely to find bras in my size in Bangkok than Singapore? Cuz so far, I’m not having much luck in Sri Lanka.)

Decisions, decisions. Where to go?

Anyone here ever been to either one?

Author: LMAshton

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