Shoulder’s mostly better

Thanks for asking. Yeah, still a little sore, but it doesn’t have that grating feeling anymore. It feels like it’ll be all better by tomorrow. But it also means that I still can’t sleep too much on my left side. Or flat on my back. Both positions are bad right now – the first because then my shoulder gets smushed into the mattress. The second because my shoulder falls out of joint (yes, it really does happen, and no, I’m really not exaggerating it.). But if I sleep on my right side, then that tends to keep the left shoulder in place. And it gives it time to heal so it’s not as stretchy.

What I really need to do is lift weights and strengthen my shoulder muscles. Probably back and pecs as well would be good. When the muscles are strong, they tend to keep things in place better.

Whatever. Enough of that.

Author: LMAshton

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