Search Phrases That Lead People to My Site

Reviewing the search phrases that get people to land here, I see that most of them are, well, mostly sane. And normal. And expected even. Like these ones:

  • peregrinas
  • Plotcraft software
  • plautdeutsch
  • top fiction novel
  • 100 must-read science fiction novels
  • best fiction novels
  • love haiku
  • laurie ashton
  • must read fantasy novels
  • top 100 fiction
  • 100 must read science fiction novels

Normal so far, right? Then we have

  • cow haiku. Yes, I write cow haikus. I write all sorts of haikus. That’s not the point. The point is that I don’t understand why anyone would be searching for them.
  • raiph romans. I still get searches on this name. I didn’t know why then, but now, I suspect it’s because I blog about it. 😀 So who/what is raiph romans and why do people keep searching for him/her/it?
  • Ooooh! That post I did on faqqly spam – is it finally paying off?
  • elephant writing. Well, I’ve talked about my elephant writing hat. That’ll do the job. 😀
  • mysite Canada Post. I have no idea what this is about. The mysite bit combined with Canada Post. Canada Post I understand.

Yeah, but nothing really juicy. Dang! I was so hoping! But I do have some weird stuff.

  • gun biw. Well, in my world, biw stands for Book In a Week. What that has to do with guns, I’ll probably never know.
  • the black hole literary tracking. Hmm. This has me curious.
  • snowflake scammer. Whatever that is.
  • movablytype. I think they meant Movabletype. 🙂
  • humerous copyright violations. Yeah, I’m not aware of any copyright violations that involve the humerus, as misspelled as that was. 😉
  • sum up of william gibson’s novels. Yeah, I think someone was looking to crib on their homework. 🙂
  • "science fiction" OR fantasy "top 100" -baseball -football -. Um.
  • i, robot, tik-tok, film, will smith. Oh! Looky here!
  • "first rule of the con". Very cool that they ended up here. Very cool. 😀
  • "Yiddish curse words". That, I have no idea how it could possible relate to my site or its contents.
  • Qwillig. Hey, what’s someone doing searching on my character’s name? That story isn’t even published yet!
  • soj bog. What?
  • fictional novels. Um, yeah, that’s redundant. 😀

Yep, that’s about it. Oh no. Wait. Hang on. Now I’m seeing some interesting search terms.

  • beachball boobs/boobs Beach Ball. Why the random capitalization?
  • lankan sex scenes/sri lanka sex. Yeah, there ain’t any here. Wrong site!
  • sympathy scams 2008.

Lots and lots and lots of searches on the top books, best books, must read books of one kind or another; ebooks and mobile ebook readers; piracy, plagiarism, and copyright violations in Sri Lanka or otherwise; and writing software of one kind or another.

What are your interesting search phrases for your site?

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