Scenes from Singapore

Here we have more scenes from Singapore.

This first picture was taken from a friend's apartment. Shops on the bottom floor, apartments on the upper floors. It's a common enough thing in Singapore. 🙂

Like the rooftop gardening? It's not as common as I would like, but hey, I can't have everything, can I?

And no, I have no idea what they're growing.

Also, the apartments on the lower left hand side of the image – do you notice the laundry hanging on poles outside the windows? Yup, that's a thing here. 🙂

It's at times like these that I wish my camera had GPS. And while I'm at it, I wish, when I was out and about, that I remembered to put GPS tracking on on my smartphone. Of course that would also mean I'd have to have a GPS tracker on my smartphone, which is another thing I wished I'd done.

All of which leads to the next bit… I wish I could remember where I took this photo.

No doubt many or most Singaporeans will recognize this and could tell me in about five seconds where this is and what the building is. Alas.

And this one would be a church. We passed by it when Fahim's parents were in town.

HDB apartment building, I believe. Notice the laundry poles hanging outside a window.

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