This is so totally cool.

It was originally designed for blogging, according to Google.

Damn those comment spammers.

But there are other benefits other than just to prevent comment spam. Which I don’t get because I use a specialized commenting system that only Fahim and I use.

I can also use it when I want to provide a link to someone’s site, but I don’t want my link to improve their Google ranking.

Granted, my Google ranking is low enough that it’s of limited benefit to anyone, nevertheless.

See, there was one website in particular that I’ve wanted to talk about for the longest time, but the only decent way to talk about it was also to provide a link to their website. But, you see, the whole reason I know about them is because they emailed me asking me to link to their site. Which, after I saw their site, I quite frankly refuse to do.

Clear as mud? Yep, thought so. :p

But now, I’m free to comment at will. Happy happy joy joy!

Author: LMAshton

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