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are fairly common back in the wards I’ve been in in Canada. Here, not so much. So when I presented the concept of a newsletter to Visaka, she asked me if I would do it. Of course. I fully expected that. I’m a computer geek, I have the necessary computer equipment, and I’ve seen other newsletters, so I have some ideas of what kind of content to put into it and how to make it look nice. It’s only logical as far as I’m concerned.

Well, I didn’t have Publisher installed yet, so I did it in Word. It looks okay – emphasis on "okay". We photocopy it along with the First Presidency message from the December 2003 Ensign as a visiting teaching message – didn’t download the actual visiting teaching message. I will do that next month, though, and then we can have the correct visiting teaching message with the newsletter.

Ah, well. It’s more important to start than it is to do it perfect. Make improvements and additions in following editions. But let’s just get this puppy going and out there. That’s my attitude. So I did the best I could with the resources and information available to me and it’s done.

Visaka liked what I’d done. She was rather pleased with it. Cool. My trishaw driver came, so I had to leave, and Visaka finished the photocopying without me.

Later, when I got home, Fahim had Publisher ready for me to install, which I did, and then, of course, being the impatient sort that I am, I had to immediately redo December’s newsletter simply to see what it would have/could have looked like.

Way way better.

Oh well. Didn’t want to leave the photocopying to Sunday morning – too much of a rush as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, I like what Publisher can do.

I then started in on January’s newsletter.

Because Fahim is such a freakin’ genius, he suggested that I add selected photos from today’s Homemaking to the newsletter. To the same page where I was already typing in the recipes from today’s Homemaking. Sure, it’s true, those who were at Homemaking already had the recipes, but what about the rest of the sisters in the Relief Society? I figured that I could easily provide the recipes to everyone, and then with Fahim’s brilliant idea of tossing in the pictures, well, this becomes an excellent form of advertisement, as it were.

So I did. I selected just over a dozen photos and threw them onto the page with the recipes, and quite honestly, if not modestly, it turned out rather well. Fahim agrees.

That will make up page two of January’s newsletter. Visaka has no idea that it’s coming. I think she’ll be very pleased. When I let her know.

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