Red Rice . . . Red Rice . . .

Is that like Red Rum? (Think Jack Nickolson, my least favorite actor, and The Shining, my least favorite movie.) Red Rum. . . Red Rum. . . All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes Laurie a dull girl?

And what’s so special about red rice anyway? And seriously, I would like to know – eventually, although sooner would be better than later – if it’s the specific strain of rice that makes it red, or if it’s the nutrients in the soil that makes it red. Does anyone out there have an answer for me?

And you know how rice noodles are available and they’re generally made from white rice flour? Well, here you can get red rice noodles. Cool. We haven’t bought any yet, and I’m thinking we should sometime.

Well, it’s also possible to buy white rice flour here – and it’s also available in North America where I’ve lived, but then, I lived in a part of Canada that had a very high Asian population, so it’s really not that surprising. The rest of Canada or the US? I honestly don’t have a clue. Probably at the very least in health food stores. Check it out and let me know, hey?

Anyway, rice flour – you can buy regular white rice flour, or roasted white rice flour, or, guess what?: you can also get red rice flour, roasted and non-roasted. Also tres cool. There’s supposed to be an accent over the e in tres, but blog doesn’t, as far as I can tell, support things like that. Hmm. Fahim?

Ahem. So. this does make life interesting, doesn’t it? Or maybe that’s only in my narrow little lifeless world. ? Probably.

But that’s not what today is about. Nope, not at all, not even close. Nope.

Fahim and I went grocery shopping today, as we tend to do if we desire having food with which to cook with in order that we may sustain our bodies. Yeah. Okay. So we go grocery shopping and we buy edible things. We’re running out of rice. We have enough to last us for about another week, and we’ve bought a total of 15kg since I arrived two and a half months ago, so we’re going through roughly 5 kg of rice every four weeks. Well, considering we eat it at almost every meal, yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway, heaven forbid we should actually run out, so we planned to get some today.

I picked up a 10kg bag of red rice, but then Fahim reminded me – at the same time that my brian was thinking about exactly the same thing – that last month or so, the bag started ripping on the way home, and perhaps we’re better off getting a 5 kg bag purely for transportation purposes. I quickly agreed, put the 10 kg bag away, and picked up a 5 kg bag instead.

When we got home and the rice was put on the counter, Fahim pointed it to me and said, "Um, Laurie, take a look." Turns out that the label was very similar to the red rice label, but we picked up white rice instead.


Well, we bought it, we’ll use it, but I really prefer red rice. You know, more fiber, more nutrients, more healthy.

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