Red Ants Have Taken Over Laptop

Not mine, not even Fahim’s regular one, but the one he uses mainly for downloads. Yep, we have three.

That laptop has been turned off for a while, so it was cold. He went over to turn it on, not realizing what he’d find. But lo and behold, he opens it up and finds ants on the inside.

He figures that, once the laptop warms up, they’ll stay away. Either that, or it’ll kill them, but either way, no more ants.

See, ants here find homes. Behind the tile, in the walls, in the door jams, in the door, in the window sill, in my suitcase – I didn’t write about that one yet, did I? I’ll have to make an entry – in the cupboards, behind the cupboards, wherever they can.

One or two will come along, scout out a nice location, then go back home. You won’t notice any ants cuz there won’t be any. But once those ants go back home and communicate the good news, pretty soon, you’ve got a hundred or a thousand moving en masse into the new home.

It happens all the time. Found a bunch a week or so ago. A stream, several ants wide, going from the bathroom window to their new next in the door jam. Two hours before, no ants. Suddenly, thousands. Kill ’em all!

Anyway. Fahim blows on the laptop keyboard, and a stream of them come pouring out. He turns it on, hoping the heat’ll get rid of them.

Several hours later, I go over and blow on the keyboard, and dozens more come streaming out. Keep blowing, and more and more come out.

An hour later, and still more. Sheesh. Nothing is safe.

Author: LMAshton
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