Reading Comprehension 101

I was reading the comments to a post over on Making Light when I saw a post Teresa Nielsen Hayden made about another site. Her comment was about the comments on a post at AdPulp being a moderator’s nightmare. Well, in all fairness, the original blog post at Making Light is about moderating and Yog’s Law and is well worth reading in and of itself.

But back to the AdPulp blog entry and its comments. I think those comments demonstrate, quite well, the lack of reading comprehension that can sometimes permeate the Internet.

David Burn at AdPulp wrote a blog post about the amount of money that some popular blog sites are making. He made the mistake of originally calling the blog post “Typing for Dollars”. Imagine his surprise when he starts getting a wackload of commenters demanding their money back from Typing for Dollars, a company who, they say, scammed them. Then of course the usual sockpuppets showed up to claim it’s not a scam… Really, the comments are a bit, well, entertaining. And entirely off-topic for the majority of its 101 comments which, it appears, spilled over to other blog entries…

But what did any of it have to do with David Burn’s blog entry? Why, absolutely nothing! Nothing at all! He just made the unfortunate choice to give that blog entry the title of an alleged scam operation.

Now the next question is… Will I get overrun with commenters for mentioning Typing for Dollars?

And then there’s this entry at Ok/Cancel. I’m not entirely sure what it was originally about, other than PhD programs in Human Computer Interactions or some such thing. The blog author changed it to explain or reflect the content of his comments which are, well, nonsensical from the point of view of just about anyone who knows anything about computers. Apparently, a huge number of people want to cancel Google. Or remove it from their machines. Or think that Google is blocking them from playing games. Or… Uh, seriously, if you don’t know how to use a computer, then don’t use it. 🙂 Alternately, don’t be surprised when some of us mock you. 😀

Oh, my favourite? “I do not understand about google at this time.” 😀 Of course it goes downhill from there, if by downhill we really mean, well, mocking and funny. Seriously, check it out. It’s good for a few laughs. 😀

Author: LMAshton

3 thoughts on “Reading Comprehension 101

  1. I just had to read through most of those comments to the ‘Typing for Dollars’ post. Amazing. Over 100 comments that have nothing to do with the topic. Just proves how important the title to a post is in attracting visitors for the right, or wrong reasons.


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