I mentioned a program that Fahim and I settled on for cataloguing our books, movies, and cds. I say settled on because I’m really waiting for my brother to write his. He may still do it, he may not. But Tony’s one of the people who’s expressed an interest in the missing link (pun intended, even if it doesn’t work that well in this context), and if the software lives up to what he’s looking for, he may decide not to bother writing his own. Or he may. I speculate, but I don’t know.

Anyway, the software that Fahim and I are using is called Readerware. Fahim’s links button in Blog 8 isn’t working properly at the moment, so it appears as though, even though all the information is provided correctly, if I publish today, you won’t be able to use it properly. Darn. I’ll have to tell Fahim about that. Well, maybe I won’t fix the links today after all.

Scratch that. Links work now, and the link is now provided. Happy day happy day. I guess that means I can go and make corrections to some of those links I mentioned.

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