Propane Revisited

So I’m making breakfast, which here, consists of boiling water to a. make tea for Fahim and b. make milk from powder for Fahim’s cereal. After making breakfast today, I boil water for drinking purposes.

We boil, on average, one large pot of water a day for drinking water. It’s a pretty big pot. 😀

And I notice that the flame is really low.

Evidently, we are now, finally, running out of gas.

I tell Fahim about the flame – it’s set on its highest setting, and it’s still really low – so he offers to come into the kitchen to turn the gas cylinder upside down. I wonder why he bothers. It’s never made a difference before in the amount of flamage we get, but he does it anyway.

And immediately, I notice the flamage increasing. Wow! It actually does work!

Of course, he says. It never worked before because the amount of gas in the cylinder was too low. Oh, of course. 🙂

Now it looks like it’ll likely run out today. Or tomorrow. Because I made enough food yesterday that we’re having leftovers today, so I probably won’t use the stove again until tomorrow morning. 😀

At any rate, it looks like Fahim had perfect timing on getting us some LPG. Yay!

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