Produce on Saturdays

Fahim and I don’t go shopping very often on Saturdays. I think we have once or twice before. Today was yet another reason why we should never, and I really do mean NEVER EVER EVER EVER go grocery shopping on a Saturday. In our neighborhood, anyway. Maybe the grocery stores in other neighborhoods are better. But, honestly, I wouldn’t count on it.

I suspect the grocery store gets no produce deliveries on Saturday. They’re working on leftovers only, and many of the veggie bins are empty or severely depleted. And this is one sentence that I very clearly remember writing before.

What’s left is, oh, not great. It’s basically what everyone else has picked over during the week and rejected.


We didn’t bother getting carrots – they’re sad. Melancholy. Downright depressed, if you want to know the truth. They should have been put on prozac or lithium or zoloft, maybe. But ya better watch their anxiety disorders – don’t want ’em to get worse, now do we?

Mushy. With rotting bits. I vetoed carrots. I vetoed the green beans, and the cabbage, and all sorts of other stuff. I have veto power. 🙂

Basically, the onions were okay – large for a change – large for Bombay onions, that is. Large Bombay onions are the same size, or thereabouts, as small yellow onions in Canada. Where I’d add one onion to a recipe in Canada, here, I add four or five instead. Depending on whether I got stuck with the small Bombay onions – which are about one inch in diameter or less – or the bigger ones – up to two or two and a half inches in diameter. But not round. Kinda flat. Actually, think onion domes in Russia – they look like they’ve been squished top to bottom. These are sort of like that.

Potatoes were fresh – the skin slips right off when washing, they’re that fresh – but small. Most of the potatoes were about 1 inch in diameter. A hassle, really. But whatever.

The tomatoes were questionable. The green chilis had seen better days. The capsicum, which are a glossy pale but bright green when in their prime, were reverting to a matte yellow.

Basically, we bought enough to last us until we could go grocery shopping in a few days. Enough to last us the weekend, no more.

And still our grocery bill ended up being high. We figured out, though, that it’s because of our two boxes of cereal – choco for Fahim, healthy for me – which are priced at US values. That and the bug spray. Super large size can. We’re almost out of the other one, and heaven knows, that is ONE thing that you FOR SURE do not want to RUN OUT OF here.

Ya get my drift?

I thought so.

If you haven’t, though, please refer to my entries where I talk about CAT FOOD WALKING. That oughta sort it fer ya real kwik like.

Immediately after Fahim and I got back from grocery shopping – and I mean that we’d been home for less than a minute – the doorbell rang. It ended up being Marlene.

Before we answered the door, Fahim looked out our bedroom window to see if he could see who it was. If it wasn’t anyone we knew, he wasn’t going to answer it. He’s sick and tired of giving money to charitable organizations that may or may not exist.

He couldn’t tell, so he answered the door anyway.

It turned out to be Marlene. She’s supposed to teach the lesson for homemaking today, but she stopped by to say she couldn’t – her reason was completely understandable, and in her place, I would have done the same thing – and here were the materials she had planned on using.

I read over what she had, and it was good. Definitely usable, even and especially at short notice. No problem. I’ll teach it again.

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