Primal Stride Double Crunch Day 2

This week’s challenge is the Double-Crunch. I’ve posted my week’s goals.

And here’s what I did:


  • I did 80 crunches. I took a few breaks in between as my muscles started to hurt.
  • I did 30 laps in the garden. Knees not complaining. It’s going well.


  • Got moving at 6:30.
  • Drank my electrolytes. Unfortunately, I forgot to drink them before walking, so drank them immediately after. Before really is better, really really really.
  • Added aloe vera to my juice.

purple-faced langur monkeys on a neighborhood roof, Sri LankaNo walking companions again, sadly. It would have been nice if the purple-faced langurs had been up in the trees at least, but no, they haven’t been around in a few days. Ah well. 🙂

Oooh, I do hear them hooting now, though, so they’re somewhere in the neighborhood behind us…

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3 thoughts on “Primal Stride Double Crunch Day 2

  1. 30 Laps!!! Wow!

    It’s so inspiring to see you improving and not suffering as much pain as you’d expected in the beginning.

    What does the aloe vera juice do? Seems slimy to me!

    I’ll add monkeys in trees to things I don’t have here. =)
    .-= Seth Simonds´s last blog ..Changes to RSS Feed =-.

  2. Aloe vera gel – the stuff you get for sunburns and stuff – has thickeners added to make it a smooth gel. The aloe vera gel, nothing added, isn’t slimy, especially after it’s whir whirred into juice or a smoothie or even, I’m willing to bet, Shrek in a Blender. 😉 It adds almost no flavour. What it does add, I would describe as freshness. Not unpleasant at all.

    The aloe vera juice helps heal me from the inside out. I have IBS – irritable bowel syndrome – and the aloe helps to calm down my gut so the IBS isn’t as bad. It helps to heal internal damage, which in turn reduces inflammation and allergies and improves the immune system. It also reduces the occurrences and severity of foggy head/brain confusion that I sometimes get.

    Since I grow my own, after I cut the aloe leaf, I let the yellow bitter stuff drain off. That yellow bitter stuff would send my IBS into overdrive, and i don’t want that. After it’s drained, I wash the leaf, then fillet it to remove all the outer green stuff. Only the clear gel from the inside is used.

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