Power Outage Over

Right. It’s now 2:15pm and the power just came back on. I ran out of battery power hours ago and had to find non-electricity activities to keep from getting bored. So I de-cobwebbed several of the rooms except for one and slept all the rooms except for one, the same one that didn’t get de-cobwebbed. My back hurt too much to finish the last room. It loses.

I’ll probably do the other room tomorrow or Monday.

When that was done, I did some mending.

And finally, with the power back on, I can continue that load of laundry I started at 7:15am. I’ll just consider this a very very long soak. The unfortunate part is that, in this load, I’m washing the sheets that go on the bed Fahim and I sleep on. They are, in fact, the only sheets that actually fit it. We have other sheets, but they’re too narrow, too short. But they will do for one night. Cuz I have a hard time imagining that these sheets in the wash will be dry by the time we go to sleep tonight.

And now that I have power again, and both batteries are charging this time, I’ll go and get some writing done. Black Light is calling my name . . .

Author: LMAshton

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