political parties merge

When we saw that on the news, Fahim’s comment was that it meant that an election would happen soon – because it was the President’s party and another major party, so she thinks that she has more support now – and the body counts would rise.


Fahim told me that when elections happen here, the body counts go up. Usually, it’s not the politicians themselves who die, but their supporters. Last election, it was around a half dozen of them.

Oh my.

Not at all what I’m used to.

Heck, no one yet has had the guts to even try to assassinate a Canadian Prime Minister – and any one of Trudeau, Turner, or Mulroney would have been a good choice. But that’s just further proof of Canadian’s political apathy.

There’s further possibly bad news if there’s an election. With these two particular parties merging, if the President is re-elected, if she gains more power than she presently has, then this country could become even more politically unstable.

The President seems to me to be a bit of a wack job. Against peace. Against reconciliation. For hatred, racism, rioting.

Great. Just what this country needs.

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