Pat Morita, rest in peace

Dammit! I told Fahim, and now he wants to watch all of the Karate Kid movies! We don’t need more movies! We’ve already got Stargate the rest of season 2 to the end of 7 waiting to watch, along with Fawlty Towers, and Lost season 1, and about 40 foreign films (Bollywood, Tamil, Hong Kong), and another 50 or 60 other movies waiting.

And now he’s going to insist on getting Karate Kid and adding it to the already overgrown pile. Or, worse yet ,sending it to the front of the pile in memorium!

I don’t mind Pat Morita, I don’t. It’s Ralph Macchio who gives me pains. *groan* He’s whiny in a not-good Haydn Christensen kinda way.

Author: LMAshton

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