Pardres – yet another Hindi movie

Later, we watched another Hindi movie – Pardres – set partly in US, but actually filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

And this is where I mention that Fahim gets irritated whenever I mention movies that are filmed in Vancouver. Yup, every single movie that’s filmed in Vancouver, I point out the landmarks to him. Yup, it’s a sickness. Yup, I should stop before he slugs me. Yup, I should. Nope, I doubt I will. It’s too dang much fun! And sheesh, there are just so many freakin’ opportunities.

Back to Pardres. It’s another formulaic Hindi movie – and damn, but Fahim’s right, they are addictive. I’m enjoying watching them. I don’t much go in for Hollywood chic flicks, and only sometimes am I in the mood for a romantic comedy. Somehow, these Hindi movies really hit the spot. Who’da’thunk’it? Well, only Estere, of course.

Fahim has a few more I haven’t watched yet, and he has at least one Tamil movie as well I haven’t seen.

Fahim commented during Pardres that the subtitles weren’t at all accurate. This was right after a long Hindi phrase followed by a very short English subtitle. In one scene, the male love interest is told in the English subtitles that he’s going to work for a specific company, but in Hindi, he was told he was going to work for a company in Los Angeles. A bit of a difference.

Ah well. It’s still a very entertaining addiction.


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