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There’s a cool little flash thingie that you can plug a URL into and it’ll create a funky little… plant or something that represents that website.

It looks like it takes the color from the color tags and the structure from the structure of the website itself. Of course, as soon as I tell Fahim about the site and he looks at it, he wants to know the technical nitty gritties of how it works.

So he, no doubt, does a Google search and finds out that…

A lot of other people are looking for the same answers as him. But haven’t found anything other than a lot more speculation.

The first thumbnail, upper left hand corner, is this site.The green and orange is, no doubt, from the green and orange of the site. I’m not sure which part represents my blog entries and which represents everything else, or if it even is that sophisticated.

The next thumbnail, in the upper right hand corner is for Chilli & Chocolate, my recipes and photos. Again, I have a green theme, so green for the plant. I’m guessing that the tall green thing with all the leaves is for my photos. After all, I only have 1300 some odd of them. The short thing with berries on the left side of the plant is likely for my recipes. I only have around a hundred or so in there so far.

Chilli & Chocolate isn’t done being sorted and whatnot – I still haven’t labelled all the photos, although they are available for anyone to look at, and I don’t have anywhere near all my recipes in it, but feel free to look at either or both if you want. When I get things closer to being done, I’ll make an announcement here.

The third one, left hand side, second from the top, is from my main site. Again, blue color scheme, not so much content.

Then we have my other site where I keep my writing blog. This is the second from the top, right hand side. It’s all in black, no doubt because there are no color tags on the index.php page. The color theme and whatnot is embedded deeper into the site, all due to it being recently converted into a WordPress blog site. No, not done sorting out all the content yet, but it’s getting there. Nearly done.

Next we have Fahim’s site, bottom left side. Also all in black because his colors are embedded in his css file, not in the index source code itself. And lastly, we have Speculative Fiction, bottom right side. Again with the color tags all being embedded in the css file.

Interesting, neh?

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