One Thousand and One Ways to Use Coconuts

While I was waiting for Marlene and her girls to go to church together, I admired something – or rather, four somethings – that her daughter bought.

See, Marlene’s mother and three other travelling companions were in Sri Lanka for a couple of weeks and they did touristy things. Ysintha saw these carved coconuts she liked, so she bargained with the salesguy (I’m guessing at a tiny store or stand or equivalent thereof). The starting price was something like 1200 Rupees for three of them, but she got him down to 550 Rupees for the four. Pretty good. She told me the story and it was pretty obvious from the telling that she enjoyed the haggling process immensely. It probably helped that they lived in Egypt for four years before coming to Canada. 🙂

Author: LMAshton
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