On fireworks and drums.

Some of youse might be complaining because of the loud fireworks you have in your neighborhood. When you do, consider the following:

Here, fireworks are used indiscriminantly on every Poya day (Buddhist holiday – full moon), when there are weddings, when there are funerals, and when there are holidays of any kind.

When the really important Buddhist events happen, there’s usually a loud parade. Procession? Yeah, I think procession is more accurate. With banging of really loud drums, and chanting, and singing, and dancing. And fireworks. And this procession goes down every neighborhood street, sometimes several times in a night. At some time between, oh, 1 am and 5 am. Several times.

Did I mention the loud drums? And the fireworks?

Did I mention it wakes me up?

Did I mention that I can hear them approaching for half an hour before they actually arrive at my house, and for another half hour before they’re finally far enough away that I can sleep again?

Do I really have to spell out just how much I hate fireworks? And drums?

Author: LMAshton

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