Oh, and then . . .

And then . . .

This same guy sits down to my left and behind. No big deal. While the sacrament is being passed, I hear some beeping. I think it’s going to end, I ignore it. It continues. I look over to where the sound is coming from – still continuing – and it turns out that this same guy let a teenage girl – Downs Syndrome, so doesn’t know better necessarily – play with his cell phone. With the keypad tones on. During sacrament.

I got the girl’s attention, shook my head and motioned "no". She merely pointed at the guy sitting beside her. I finally got his attention and did the same thing. I thought it was taken care of.

But no, the tones continued. For several more minutes.

I got his attention again and again gave a stern look and mouthed something along the same lines. Several minutes later, it finally ended. By this time, one of the counsellors in the Branch Presidency came down from the stand and whispered a few words to them.

Seriously, folks. A little bit of reverence, ya know what I mean? C’mon. This is a church. We’re supposed to show respect.

This is basic primary level stuff here.

Is it just me? Am I just getting cranky in my old age?

Author: LMAshton
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