Odel’s! But, alas, no. Pinnacle Shopping Mall? Oh, yes!

Next stop…

Fahim’s shopping is done. And he makes sure to remind me of that.

For the next several more hours. :p

We head to Odels. I need shoes and jewellery, and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to find both here.

Unfortunately, I have size 10 feet. Wide enough that I can’t fake it in a 9. Size 10 women’s shoes pretty much don’t exist here, or are very difficult to find. I’ve been doing my shoe shopping thus far in the men’s department of Bata. Yup. Seriously. :p

But then, let’s consider my footwear past.

I’ve had size ten feet since I was ten years old. And that was a lot of years ago in rural Alberta. And that’s when I started shopping in the men’s department for shoes.

*sigh* I have such a tragic life. [/whine]

Most places here have women’s shoes up to, depending on the store, anywhere from a 7 to a 9. We haven’t yet found a place that has shoes that’ll fit me. Other than men’s shoes, that is. ๐Ÿ™

We head up to the shoe department, and nope, they go up to a size 8 for women. Sucks.

We also need jewellery for me. Necklace with pendant and earrings is what I’m hoping for. I poke around and see nothing that I like.

But in the cheap jewellery section – you know, the kind of stuff you’d wear on normal days – I see a small handbag in aqua. Perfect to go with my shalwaar! (Don’t wanna go lugging my huge thing with me at the wedding, don’t’cha know!) So we get that.


There’s another shopping mall that’s been open for a little over six months. Kim, Lou, Ike, Fahim, and I went there when they, meaning Kim et al, were here last September or October and I remembered seeing women’s shoes in size gargantuan, so I suggested that would be a good place to start. That, and it had a lot of jewellery stores.

That’s Pinnacle Shopping Mall. I think. No doubt Fahim will laugh at me when I get it wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

Unfortunately, something like half the jewellery stores were closed – most are run by Muslims who, on Fridays, don’t open until Mosque is over at 2pm. And we saw nothing I liked.

But shoes…

We have joy. ๐Ÿ˜€

We found a store – with many locations other than this mall – that carried shoes in my size. Given how difficult a time I’ve had getting shoes in my size, I bought three pairs. That fit. And were reasonably comfortable.


Now, we’re not so stupid as to think that, for an average price of Rs.500 (about US$5) we’re getting me something that’ll last for forever or anything. We understand that these are likely cheaply made. We get that. But at those prices, we’re not going to cry over it, either.

We’re just happy – and relieved – that this portion of the shopping experience is finally over!

The store?

Pearlrich. With locations at Crescat (Colombo 3), Sausiri Shopping Complex (Nugegoda), Premier Pacific Pinnacle (Colombo 4 – and that’s got to be the official name of the shopping mall we were in), and a head office (another store as well? No idea) on Galle Road in Mt. Lavinia.

Fahim’s heard of the store before – he just had no idea that they carried women’s shoes my size.

But if you’re in Sri Lanka and looking for women’s shoes larger than a 10, sorry, no, they don’t carry shoes larger than what I walked away with, and no, I don’t know anywhere else to get shoes in my size or bigger.

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