Now THAT’S what I call a book collection!

From Amazon, no less.

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: More than 1000 of the Greatest Classics (Paperback)

Yep, sounds good so far.

The price tage?

List Price: $13,315.84

Less the discount: $5,326.34 (40%)

For a total price of: $7,989.50

With free shipping. Um, yeah, I would think so.

"From Edwin A. Abbott to Emile Zola, the 1,082 titles in the Penguin Classics Complete Library total nearly half a million pages–laid end to end they would hit the 52-mile mark. Approximately 700 pounds in weight, the titles would tower 828 feet if you stacked them lengthwise atop each other–almost as tall as the Empire State Building. But don’t worry, a nice set of bookshelves will hold them side-by-side just fine."

Yes, I’m sure they would. Question is, which bookshelves? It’s not like we have any that are empty, ya know?

They have other collections available as well. The Children’s Library, The Complete Greeks and Romans, The English Collection: 19th-Century British Fictions, The American Collection, Vol.1: Foundations in Literature, and finally, The American Collection, Vol. 2: Foundations in Democracy.

My question?

Where’s the Science Fiction/Fantasy collection? That’s the one I really want.

Author: LMAshton

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