No Electricity for HOW Many Days?

We went out and about today, like we frequently do on Mondays. On our way out, we immediately saw a huge line-up at the petrol shed, as gas stations here are called. We wondered why, so Fahim asked Mervyn, our trishaw driver. Apparently, the petrol board workers are rumoured to go on strike soon, who knows how long, and everyone wants to fill up before there’s no petrol left.

More conversation back and forth that I don’t understand, and it comes out that there are rumours that we’ll have unscheduled power delays of probably days.


As we wander downtown towards Majestic City, we see another lineup at another petrol shed, this one a couple of blocks long. Traffic is seriously backed up in the general vicinity.

We do our usual at MC. That is, we have a few DVDs to exchange because they didn’t work properly, so of course we buy another 25 or so. *rolls eyes*

We will never get caught up on all those movies we have stacked. Including our Weslesy Snips collection (but not the Harsh Realm season 1, and the rest of CSI seasons 3 and 4, and CSI Miami), we’ve got to have 50 or 60 movies all lined up and waiting to be watched. Um, yeah, sounds about right.

Petrol Board workers on strike also because they don’t want it to be privatized, probably because they’ll have to work harder. Working for the government, they can basically be lazy gits, but working for a corporation, they’ll probably actually have to do stuff.


Electricity Board strike if the government privatizes the Board. Short version of why it’s probably a good idea to privatize – the price will likely at least double if it’s not. Longer story – as I’ve mentioned in a previous entry





Health workers strike for salary anomalies.

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