Neil Gaiman, American Gods, and Stardust

Yesterday, Fahim and I watched Stardust, the movie. We loved it. Absolutely completely adored it.

It was engaging, fun, pure enjoyment. Stardust was so completely well done from beginning to end that it was a joy to watch.

And then, in the closing credits (I think) we learned that it was based on a book written by Neil Gaiman.

Colour me surprised. I read American Gods and wasn’t at all impressed. Yes, it was well written in many aspects, but it didn’t engage me. I didn’t find any of the characters at all likeable, so I wasn’t emotionally invested in the outcome. I read it to the end more because, well, I’m like that. Not with books I absolutely hate, mind you, but with every other book. I like knowing how things end even when it’s not all that interesting. But that experience put me off Neil Gaiman entirely, even though I’d heard good things about his writing. I just figured it wasn’t my type of book.

But then this movie happened. This wonderful wonderful movie. And now I want to read the book. I checked around, and from what I’ve read, it seems that the movie was made to appeal to younger audiences and the book is darker. I’ve read that the book also has profanity, sex, and gore, all of which, yes, I admit it, turns me off.

But others say that the profanity, sex, and gore aren’t very bad at all, so… I think I’ll check it out. Perhaps there’s hope for me liking Neil Gaiman’s writing yet?

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