My Dull and Boring and Uneventful Life

I’m still sick, albeit not as bad as before. Now I’m basically down to a cough at times and being tired. Probably comes from not spending enough time in bed sleeping and recuperating when the main cold portion was upon me. I took not one, but yes, folks, count ’em, two, yes, that’s right, two naps today.

One this morning when I’m usually in church. I didn’t feel like I could last through church – I was already hot, pasty, and worn out by 7:30. So I stayed home and I napped on the couch while Fahim went to work to download email and otherwise play on the internet and do other computer related activities.

Oh, but before I napped, I watched the tail end of one and the rest of another Smallville episode. Fahim watched them without me yesterday, so I was merely catching up to him and his viewing habits.

And then this afternoon, while we were watching Stargate episodes, he sent me to bed for another nap. I willingly went. And that should tell you how tired I was.

After the nap, we watched more Stargate – we’ve now watched to Season 7 Episode 11 and eagerly – at least for me – await more.

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