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When I went to OSC today to meet Michele and chat for an hour or so, she wasn’t there. She was running behind, and I was on time. So, fine, no biggie. I sat down at one of the tables in the cafeteria, pulled out my trusty notebook that seems to go everywhere with me, and starting working on the next novel Children of the Dome. I can’t work on either Black Light or Placidia while I’m there – everything’s on my computer back home, and I’m not going to cart my computer around a. when I’m walking and b. there’s very little chance I’m going to actually need to use it. So it makes sense to me to instead work on Children of the Dome, which is in plotting stages.

So I plotted for fifteen minutes or so until Michele arrived.

I’d already worked out the basic premise of the novel – sort of. It’s based on an odd little dream I had a long time ago. I sometimes have odd little dreams, and when they can be turned into novels, or they give me ideas for a novel, I write them down and work on them. This was one of them.

So I know what happens in perhaps the first third of the novel. That’s it. I have no idea yet what exactly I want to have happen or where I want it to go. This makes plotting a little difficult, don’t’cha think? I agree.

So I did what I could, expanding on the beginning of the novel, working out some details there. But damn if I’m not still stuck on what happens after that.

I wonder how good Fahim is at figuring out things like this? Like maybe I should brainstorm with him for a little while? I dunno. It’s probably worth a try.

I worked on plot development for Placidia. I mentioned this earlier. Yesterday, in fact. I found some more notes I’d earlier made about the plot, which jogged my memory, which is what notes are for, so they’ve definitely served their purpose in life. Yes, they have, indeedy.

Plus a few other things occurred to me. I tossed it all into the Amanuensis file for Placidia, stirred and let simmer, and voila! and Lo and Behold! Alas and Alack!

My plot holes for Placidia are mostly figured out. I have one more big hole that I need Fahim’s help on. After all, he masquerades as a man, so he ought to be able to give me a male perspective on something, which I need, because it involves a male character, and I need to find rationale for one of his actions, and seeing as how I’m not a male, I’m not convinced that I could come up with what I really need, so I’m going to use him for his masculine brian. And hope that he can give me some insight into reasons why a male would do certain things. Then, once those are answered to my satisfaction, then the plot holes are filled. Not to the point of being written, but to the point of having direction in which to write.


Yeah, ’nuff.

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