More on the new place . . .

I’m going to have garden space. In the old place, sadly, there really wasn’t anywhere I could do anything. But here…

I’ve also discovered, after close inspection which resulted in a multitude of mosquito bites, that we have jasmine trees in the back in full bloom (Oberon’s found his new favorite hiding spot – under its leaves), possibly a lime tree – I need to do some surfing to find out if it matches or not, and some kind of local fruit tree (Fahim doesn’t know what it’s called in English, or if it even has an English name) that we don’t know how to cook, but Girllie, the lady who does our cleaning and cooking, does and is willing to teach me.

There are a bunch of other unrecognized plants back there. When I have a better laptop, I’ll surf and find out what they’re called and if they’re useful or not. Lots of plants in the front, too, also mostly unrecognized.

On the street in front of our house, there are a couple of frangipani trees (also called Temple Trees), and another tree that I don’t have a name for, but it has large bell-shaped yellow flowers that have nectar that hummingbirds feast off of. And so, by association, we also have hummingbirds. Many, many, many hummingbirds.

There are also three bright green parrots, wild, that fly around this neighborhood. Don’t have a picture of them yet. They flew away too fast.

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