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I have to clarify – the Salusala store we were in used to, years and years ago, have hand-woven and hand-painted fabrics. It was a government initiative to boost the economy. Now, though, it’s no longer like that – it now has machine fabrics from the many factories around the country.

All the fabrics we saw were machine done. The silks, for example, had such a tight weave that it would be impossible to separate one strand of thread from another.

The women at this store seemed more knowledgeable than many staff I’ve encountered in many locations. They may actually know whether these silks are dry clean only or can be handwashed. I’ll ask the next time I’m there, which will likely be next week. I have a black t-shirt to replace, and they have t-shirt material. [Big Grin] Well, and other sewing projects have I. [Smile]

Is there any way to tell by looking at the silk whether it’s handwashable or dry clean only? Or anything like that?

Author: LMAshton

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