More on Monsoons

I know I don’t talk about the monsoon every day – even though it’s happening every day.

Well, lookit, do you talk about the winter and how cold it is every single day until winter is over? Of course not.

But suffice it to say that the monsoon is still going strong. We had very hard, very fast, very windy torrential downpours today. And many of them.

Sometimes it’s like that – it might rain a half a dozen times in one day.

What does Fahim do since he relies on motorcycle for transportation?

He goes when it’s either not raining, or there’s enough of a lull that he won’t get soaked. Sometimes, that means he waits a half hour or so before he goes to work. Yes, I know, his work is really close – like what, a minute or three on the motorcycle to get there? But that minute or three is long enough to be so soaked that he may as well have gone swimming fully clothed.

And that, folks, is no exaggeration. Not here.

We’ve also been getting fairly regular blackouts – but most of them last for a second to a minute or so, so who cares?

Author: LMAshton

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