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When that lizard was startled, it moved at a pretty good pace. Faster than me, that’s for sure, but I’m out of shape. Not faster than my cat, and he’s pretty lazy for a cat. Um… I don’t know how fast in miles per hour or kilometers per second or… And yeah, I’m glad the lizard escaped, believe me. 🙂

From the Sri Lankan Reptile site (which is an excellent site, by the way, on everything from monitor lizards to all the varieties of geckos to other reptiles in Sri Lanka), it says that the monitor lizards here get to be 1.4 meters long, or 55 inches, or 4 feet 7 inches long and just over 10 kg, or 22 pounds. So the biggest one on our roof is about as big as they get. Hurray for that, at least.

And yeah, considering that this is the third (at least) time that a monitor lizard has been trapped in our back yard in the last 7 months, it might actually be time to consider doing something to help them escape.

And yeah, I will retain my fear. :p C’mon, I scream when I see geckos, and they’re only two to six inches long. Oh hell, I scream when I see those tiny little frogs at my in-law’s place in Kurunegala, and those are less than an inch! *angst*

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