More on elections and possible impact on war

I’m not actually scared for me. The war, when it happens, is mainly in the north and the east, and in that respect, the Tamil Tigers ain’t that bright. They end up destroying their own people and the land they live in, including the land they want for their own separate country. Very little of what happens takes place outside of those affected areas.

And no, I don’t want to go back to Canada. I’d rather see the rest of the world. [Big Grin] I just find it pathetic how little actual freedom there is here.

Now for more on the presidential candidates. I haven’t been here long, so there’s a lot I don’t know. Fahim and I were talking last night, and he mentioned that, up until Mahinda allied himself with absolutely everyone (win at all costs strategy), he thought Mahinda was likely the better candidate – he came across as having better morals and more integrity. Not so much now that he’s willing to sell his soul to every political party out there.

For example, Mahinda allied himself with the Buddhist monks’ political party. The monks do not want peace, nor do they want religious freedom. They want something more akin to a Buddhist religious state and they would prefer that conversions to other religions be made illegal. That bill, as far as I know, hasn’t yet passed.

Ranil, on the other hand, is corrupt, but from an elite perspective. As in he’ll crack down on corruption with those he doesn’t want to be corrupt, but he’ll allow his elect to be as corrupt as they want.

Nice choices.

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