More Monk and Fahim insists that I put in a spoiler warning . . . so consider this as your spoiler warning. “Spoiler Warning”

We watched the last of the Monk episodes from season one today. We want more. We want way more. We love that show. We’re addicted to that show. We love Tony Shalhoub.

Fahim’s downloading season two.

Then we watched an episode of Smallville we missed earlier because my copy – the one I had previously downloaded before coming to Sri Lanka – was corrupted – and of course we enjoyed it.

Then we watched episodes four through six of season three of 24. Let me say that I’m a little squeamish at times. This doesn’t go well with 24. The dead bodies really pile up in that show. The part about this show that really made me wince – and cover my eyes and ears – was the prison scene were the prisoners were making Jack and a prison guard, and then Jack and then the terrorist guy play Russian Roulette. And yes, I seriously did cover my eyes and my ears with strict instructions for Fahim to pull my hand away from my ears when it became safe to watch again.

I can’t watch all of ER either. I have to cover my eyes through parts of that show, too.

And that makes a total of five television hours we watched today. Which, in real time, translates to something like 3 1/2 hours of actual time.

We’re terrible.

Author: LMAshton

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