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It just gets better and better. Oh seriously. Wait until you read this. Unless this is breaking news in the rest of the world and we’re the last to find out? Right now, given no internet, oh yeah, that’s possible.

There’s a conspiracy theory going around that the ship dropped anchor because the "bloody Indians" want Sri Lanka to hook up their telephone systems to India instead of Singapore, where it is presently. In other words, money.

The captain of the ship or officers of the company that owns the ship, or possibly both (this is rumour and innuendo at the moment – you know, no way to verify sources given no internet) have been arrested and fined. The dropping of the anchor being a deliberate act and all.

And they chose this moment to do it because of the auspicious Olympics. See, all available bandwidth on the satellites have been booked to broadcast the Olympics, and the backup for internet/email were satellites. But now, because of the Olympics, no bandwidth – or almost no bandwidth – is available for internet/email.

However, I suppose because no one wants to get sued, we ended up getting limited – and sporadic – email. So email is resumed, somewhat, but internet will be delayed further. Yep.

See, only today did I begin to get email from Saturday.  And when Fahim came home from lunch, it had just started going through again, so he hadn’t even received all my email yet – it was that slow.  So he got what he could and brought it home, and then he’ll get the rest when he can.

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