More 24

No, you’re not hallucinating. 🙂 But this is a different 24. Now I’m referring to the date, not the show.

As in, Christmas Eve.

Something else happened yesterday that I forgot to mention yesterday. And since I’ve already published yesterday, I either have to provide another entry, or I can include it here. I’m opting for including it here.

Yesterday, during the day when I couldn’t leave cuz it might not be safe, Oberon escaped.

He fled through the holes in the wall.

When I called his name, he answered back. Yes, I DO know my cat’s voice. He has a different cry from other cats in the neighborhood, as does Tellulah.

He cried and cried and cried.

I called for him, hoping he’d come home. He didn’t.

Fahim was out at work just then, so he couldn’t help until he came back home.

When he came back, I sent him out. But that’s when Oberon chose to be quiet. So could Fahim find Obie?


So when I sent Fahim out a second time, I called Oberon several times – to make sure that Oberon talked back and Fahim could find him.

Turns out that Oberon was hiding in a neighbor’s bushes.

Turns out that Oberon thought he was stuck and couldn’t find a way out.

Turns out that Oberon only thought he was stuck.

Turns out Fahim had to encourage Oberon to come out and free himself.

And then Oberon didn’t know how to cross the gutter (about a foot wide and a foot or so deep) or how to go around the gutter.

Turns out Oberon ain’t that bright.

But Fahim got Oberon out, and because Fahim won’t touch Oberon (or Tellulah, for that matter), he wouldn’t pick up Oberon and carry him home. He had to talk Oberon into coming home. Down the street, around a corner, into the gate . . . and at that point, Oberon shot up the familiar stairs and into the house.

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