monkey on rooftop

Fahim’s been talking, sporadically, about a monkey on a rooftop that he can see out our living room window.

I’ve never seen it.

He says it’s because the monkey moves too fast and I just miss it every time.

Do I believe him?

Hmm. Well.


Today, I say the monkey.

We’re not talking about a toy monkey – you know, still alive and all that, but accompanies the organ grinder – and yes, we do have those here, and they do walk around in our neighborhood looking for suckers, I mean, business. Those monkeys tend to be rather on the small size – as in a North American cat size.

But this monkey on the roof over yonder?

Well, I finally did see it today.

It (cuz I don’t know if it’s a he or a she, or, if neutered, an actual it.) was huge and hairy hairy hairy.

Okay, so it wasn’t close enough that I’d recognize it again. It was about hmm, a hundred feet away at a guess. Not close enough for a police line up, that’s for sure.

Anyway, it just stood on the roof for a little while. Just stood there. Doing nothing.

I think Fahim commented about how he thinks it’s a household pet. Based on him seeing it on the same roof over and over again.

Sure, okay. Works for me. 🙂

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