Monkesses? Nuns? Erm, what?

Cambodian monkesses, Sri LankaI wonder what they’re called. I’m not trying to be cute or funny – I leave that to Fahim 😉 – but I really do wonder what they’re called.

We were at MC – Majestic City, a mall in Colombo – and having lunch at the Thai place (Thai enchiladas, which are surprisingly good despite the mingling of two entirely different cuisines) when a group of female Buddhist monks were getting their lunch.

These women monks were all wearing pink robes with orange sashes and were accompanies by what I guess are three tour guides. They all got food at the Cambodian outlet, so the guess is that they’re from Cambodia.

I did  a search on Google – no surprise there 🙂 – and got results that told me female Buddhist monks were called nuns or bhikkuni.

Okay then. I’ll go with nuns. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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