McDonalds. In Borella.

It really is pretty much the same no matter where.

The one major difference is that here, you can get rice with your burger instead of fries. Or, to be more accurate, McSpicy Rice. I didn’t go that route. I had a Chicken McSpicy Meal, Combination #6 with portello, please.

The Chicken McSpicy is basically a standard chicken burger that’s supposed to be a little spicy. Well, not spicy enough to burn your tongue off, but spicy enough that it tastes good.

The french fries were, well, exactly the same as McDonald’s french fries that I’ve had at every other McDonald’s I’ve ever been to in Canada or the US. They don’t change much. In fact, they were, as I said before, EXACTLY the same. No discernable difference of any kind.

Ketchup. Well, things get a little different there. They have the standard regular ketchup that y’all are used to, but they also had ghillie ‘n garlic ketchup (sic), which I think was supposed to read chillie & garlic ketchup. I liked it much much better than regular tomato ketchup, but then, I’m also known to eat entire jars of pickled jalapenos, or drink tabasco sauce for fun or pickle garlic cuz it looks interestin’. Just cuz. And for no other reason than that.

Portello is a soda flavor – "pop" for you Canuckians. It’s closest flavor that you’ll know is black cherry. Sweet, sorta fruity, and goooo-oooood!

Decor. Standard classy McDonald’s as opposed to cheesy orange interiors from the 1970s and 1980s. So you know that when I say standard classy, I’m not implying that it’s actually classy. I’m saying that it’s the classier version of McDonald’s, but still typical McDonald’s.

They have the standard kids play area. Typical.

The bathrooms. Oh my. The bathrooms.

After the Dehiwela Zoo’s bathrooms, it was heaven. Granted, I didn’t go all the way into the bathroom at the zoo – the smell at the entrance was enough for me. I then turned around immediately.

However, the bathrooms at McDonald’s were immaculate. Up to North American standards. And here, that’s saying a whole heckuvalot! I would definitely recommend the bathroom at McDonald’s.

Yup. Now I can die a happy woman. I’ve been made content. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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