Maps of Sri Lanka

I’ve been hunting and hunting, and finally, I’ve found some pretty good maps of Sri Lanka.

This one is actually zoomable. It doesn’t show everything I’d like, but it does a decent job and shows a pretty decent amount of detail.

Hmm. I haven’t seen if it lists the village Fahim and I live in. I think I’ll give it a try now and see what happens.

Nope, it doesn’t list our village, but it does list our nearest town where we go grocery shopping, and that’s more than most maps, and, quite honestly, it’s the best online I’ve ever come across.

And then I found Map Action. It’s a British organization that maps areas that have been affected in an effort to help relief organizations. They have maps on Sri Lanka that show land mine hazards, affected bridges, number of dead and survivors by division, affected roads, food delivered, damaged schools, location of camps, needs assessments, and the list goes on.

In other words, this is an incredibly useful site with a lot of incredibly useful maps. And they update them every few days or so as updated information reaches them. They have a team in the country working on this.

Pretty cool. Nah, impressive.

Author: LMAshton

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