So. It’s morning. I’m making breakfast. I reach out to grab a glass…

And what do I encounter?


This isn't photoshopped to make the spider look bigger. This particular spider really does come that big.

Also? What you probably don't want to know? We probably have half a dozen or more of those in our house in Sri Lanka at any given point in time. If not more.

They're big enough that I can see them even when I don't have my glasses on.

They're big enough that I can hear them walking.

And even though they're not at all poisonous, I still scream like a wee little girl.

Author: LMAshton
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5 thoughts on “So. It’s morning. I’m making breakfast. I reach out to grab a glass…

  1. Your writings about Sri Lanka has always left me wanting to visit someday……until today…… well, yes, I would still like to explore the area, but I would be sooo very cautious. Thank you for my early morning eye-opening smile. 🙂

  2. Okay, I really like spiders, like photographing them looking at photos of them. But that…That is a monstrosity. I would scream like a little girl and blurt out colorful word combinations. It was bad enough when we rented a place with our bedroom in the basement and I had a large (very large) centipede fall from the ceiling onto my shoulder. I heard it hit as much as I felt it. I had never moved so quickly in my life, nor have I since. I anxiously tried to located it where I’d seen it scuttle under the bedskirt, but it was gone. I know they eat insects and all, but….Shudder.

  3. Ah, yeah, that red thing is not a part of the spider.

    We have a drying rack for glasses. It has six pokey uppy things with red nobs on the end, and glasses sit upside down on the pokey uppy things to dry. That’s what that red thing is.

    And honestly, it seems to me that your reaction to that centipede was sensible. 🙂 (Centipedes in Sri Lanka are poisonous.)

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