LTTE on the news

The LTTE leaders spoke to news reporters today, saying that they met with Netherlands government representatives, saying that they needed aid in their affected areas, and why weren’t they getting it?

Um, well, let me see. Stop those hijackers from pointing guns at nice relief workers and stealing the trucks loaded with supplies. That would be a good start.

And how about letting relief workers in to the affected areas?

Oh, I know! What about providing people – government, news, journalists, reporters, the rest of the world – with information on what’s actually going on in your area? Do ya think that might help?

On to other things.

One annoying thing. A truck made it to Jaffna loaded with relief supplies. In it, there was food, milk, sugar, drugs, and medications.

Um, right. So there were a lot of very very happy people there.

Another comment. Fahim says that all the ministers in this country are fat. All of them. Oh. I guess it’s a job requirement.


Author: LMAshton

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