Lost Signals and Weather

Anyway, we saw on the news later that there was actually a cyclone in the area. Oh. Uh. Okay. We didn’t know.

Fahim said "This is a first." I take it to mean Sri Lanka hasn’t had one before. Ya know, Fahim isn’t talking in complete comprehensive sentences right now. I can’t always tell what he means by what he says. He kinda uses the fewest words possible, and at times, he has even stopped in the middle or end of a sentence and just given up. Like he did his best to get his point across, and if I couldn’t figure it out from the words he presented to me, well, then it was my problem. Okay, not with the attitude, but that’s the general idea.

Once Ramadan is over and he gets more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep, he’ll probably start using complete sentences again. We can only hope. 🙂

But then on Monday morning (yes, I’m adding this in later), the news said there were two cyclones – they used the word tornado – in Sri Lanka. One was in Colombo, which is on the coast of Sri Lanka on the south west side of the island. The other tornado was in the southern part of the country.


Author: LMAshton

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