Lord of the Rings, Extended Edition

I love Fahim already. That’s well established. But today, among the many many DVDs he bought was the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition, box set. All three movies, all the long version. How many hours does that add up to? 12? 17? No idea.

Plus it had the soundtrack. Tres cool!

It’s a 7 dics set. Two dics per movie, plus 1 dic for the soundtrack. It says 6 dics on the outer box, but they were miscounting.

But then, if yer stoopid enuff to misspell disc, then yer too stoopid to be able to count yer dics and come up with the same number twice.

Just my opinion.

And it cost only Rs. 2100. Or $21 US.

Tres tres cool!

Point being that I love Fahim even more for getting me the 7 dics set of Lord of the Rings. What a sweet guy!

And at some point in time, I need (or we need) to update our database of movies. We’re starting to buy duplicates just cuz we have so many . . . And can’t remember what we have anymore. Oh, the life!

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